Quirky Questions: Nipple Changes in Pregnancy?

With all the bliss that comes with becoming a new mom come some pitfalls. But you’re ready for the weight gain, stretch marks, nausea, and soreness that come with carrying your future bundle of joy. Still, there’s a lesser known–and less talked about–side effect… read more >

10 Things We Learned From “Fed Up”

We all know obesity is an epidemic and that health issues, from diabetes to heart disease, are skyrocketing. But what if everything we’ve been told about food and exercise is wrong? That’s the premise behind the new documentary, Fed Up, executive produced by Katie Couric… read more >

5 Tech Tools to Help You Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is the most natural thing in the world. Except when it’s not. In my practice I regularly see couples who want to conceive. Sometimes women can get out of touch with their natural body rhythms and, ironically, technology can help women “get… read more >

Whooping Cough Rise: What You Need to Know

Pertussis, commonly referred to as “whooping cough,” is on the rise. Although its resurgence happens every few years, its current incarnation is particularly aggressive. California is the first state to officially declare an epidemic with over 1,000 cases reported in just the past few… read more >

5 Mindfulness Exercises from Camp Grounded

Just because you’re a “grown-up” doesn’t mean you’re too old for summer camp. At least, that’s what the crew behind Camp Grounded believes, and they have quite the following to prove it. Over three weekends in June, hundreds of campers gather in Anderson Valley, CA… read more >

8 Yoga Poses to Combat Back Pain from Sitting

Who knew that sitting could put so much stress on your body? But sure enough, a few hours behind a desk and you start to slouch, your shoulders roll forward, and the pressure and tension build on your neck and spine. Stop suffering. All… read more >

Panko-Crusted Salmon Filets

Loaded with omega-3s, salmon is a hearty, delicious meal option with a nutritious punch. Crust it with panko, a light and airy Japanese breadcrumb that contains fewer calories and less sodium than traditional Italian breadcrumbs, to lock in moisture and give the salmon a… read more >