5 Ways to Treat Fatigue with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all about balance–energy balance, in particular. And whether you visit a Western or an Eastern practitioner for fatigue, you’re likely to get the same advice: Incorporate more balance into your life. TCM will provide you with various tools for… read more >

What’s in Your Gym Bag?

Whether you’re hitting the treadmill, the boxing ring, or the yoga mat, it’s important to have the right gear. We asked some of our favorite fitness experts and One Medical providers and team members to share their must-have workout items. Check out their top… read more >

Healthy Comfort Foods: Mac and Cheese

Plump pasta, creamy sharp cheese, and a crispy bread crumb topping. A bowl of baked mac and cheese is just about the definition of comfort food. For our healthy version, we cut the saturated fat and upped the vegetable content. Rather than combining milk,… read more >

3 Yoga Stretches to Unwind the Low Back

Low back pain can make it hard to get comfortable–even sitting or walking can hurt when you’ve got an achy low back. Determining the root cause of the pain can be challenging, but oftentimes it’s a result of tight hips and hamstrings. Excessive sitting,… read more >

7 Ways to Optimize Your Next Doctor Visit

Visiting the doctor doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. Some thoughtful preparation will go a long way toward making your experience less stressful and more productive. Preparing for a doctor’s visit is a vital step in partnering with your health care provider and… read more >

Braised Kale and Hijiki with Mushrooms

Reminiscent of a warm kale salad, these braised greens are hearty and delicious, and are the perfect complement to any healthy main. While kale and mushrooms have been touted extensively for their health benefits, sea vegetables like hijiki don’t get the same top billing–though… read more >

Eating for Better Sleep

Sleep: We love it, we crave more of it, and yet, few of us actually get enough of it. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s latest┬ástudy, Americans sleep an average of six and a half hours on workdays, despite the recommended seven to nine… read more >