Survey Shows Professionals Want Better Health Care Benefits

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Long hours at the office, stressful deadlines, sitting all day and working in close quarters can all take a toll on your health. Is your company doing enough to keep you healthy?

That’s just one of the questions we asked in a recent survey looking at how people feel about their employee benefits.

The study indicates that people want their employers to play a bigger role in their health and wellness. A majority of respondents (67 percent) believe that keeping them healthy should be one of the top goals of their company’s benefits program. In fact, two out of three professionals would rather have better health and wellness benefits than more perks.

We also found that although companies are investing in numerous health and wellness programs, nearly half of professionals (48 percent) feel that their company isn’t investing enough in these areas, and only 29 percent think their company’s health and wellness programs are actually making them healthier.

How does your company stack up?

For more findings, download the study, Employees with Benefits.

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