21 Health Tips for Online Dating

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One in 10 Americans is looking for love online—are you one of them? Dating can take a toll on your physical and mental health—but it doesn’t have to. One Medical Group providers share their tips for staying safe, healthy, and sane as you play the digital dating game.

1. Smile! It releases chemicals (endorphins and serotonin) that make you feel happier. – Honore Lansen, MD – New York

2. Feed your skin. Add flaxseed oil to your diet—the omega-3s can help your skin look fresher and better hydrated. – Janet Coy, PA-C, RD – Washington, DC

3. Kick the butts. One more reason to quit smoking: 89 percent of Match.com users prefer to date a non-smoker. – Desmond Watt, PA – Chicago

4. Freshen up naturally. Add mint or parsley to your water before a big date for a vitamin boost and fresh breath. – Erica Matluck, ND, NP – San Francisco

5. Don’t get caught up in the waiting game. If waiting for texts from potential dates stresses you out, distract yourself with a long walk or catch up with a friend. – Kristen Scarlett, MA, LMHC, NCC – New York

6. Ask how your date manages stress. Having a partner with good coping mechanisms is integral to your mental health as well! – Erica Matluck, ND, NP – San Francisco

7. Power down. Don’t review dating profiles right before bed: The light from your device can interrupt sleep. – Dan Dinenberg, MD – San Francisco

8. Ask how your date spends his or her time. It’s an important predictor of health. Will a workaholic have time for you? – Erica Matluck, ND, NP – San Francisco

9. Listen to your intuition. Don’t compromise your boundaries, and respect your date’s. – Ellen Vora, MD – New York

10. Trust your gut. If you feel uneasy being around a person, cut the date short. – Christine Celio, PhD – San Francisco

11. Keep a clear head. Instead of beer, order a mocktail or bubbly water. Make clear decisions and avoid a hangover! – Kristen Foskett, RN – Virtual Medical Team

12. Don’t let a bad break up ruin your appetite. Eat three meals a day, each containing at least 20 grams of protein, to keep insomnia, anxiety, and depression at bay.  – Jenny-Viva Collisson, MD – San Francisco

13. Drink up—in between drinks. One water or non-alcoholic beverage for every alcoholic drink promotes hydration and curbs hangovers. – Malcolm Thaler, MD – New York

14. Don’t just sit around. If dating makes it hard to find time for a workout, plan active dates, like rock climbing or a bike ride. – Will Kimbrough, MD – Washington, DC

15. Eat smart when you’re out. Don’t let nerves get in the way of making healthy eating choices. Stay on track with healthy protein, fat, and complex carbs (fiber) at every meal. – Karyn Duggan, CNC – San Francisco

16. Don’t leave your drink with your date. If you must, take it with you while using the bathroom. – Erica Matluck, ND, NP – San Francisco

17. Keep your friends in the know. Meet in a public place and tell a friend where you’re going. – Michelle Kay, NP – San Francisco

18. Be transparent, and expect the same. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions—about drug use or HIV status, for instance—and be prepared to answer yourself! – David Bowden, MD – San Francisco

19. Always practice safe sex. Barrier protection cuts your risk of infection with HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia as well as syphilis, herpes, and genital warts. – Paul Stabile, PA-C – New York

20. Know your STI status, and ask about your partner’s. There are 19 million+ new cases of STIs in the US annually, but most people are unaware that they’re infected. Consider this when you engage with new partners. – Erica Matluck, ND, NP – San Francisco

21. Don’t wait if you may have been exposed to HIV. Contact your provider ASAP: Prevention medication must be started within 72 hours.  – Paul Stabile, PA-C – New York

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