How to Stay Cool on a Sizzling Summer Weekend

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In many parts of the country, temperatures will be soaring past the 100 degree mark this weekend. How will you handle the heat? If you’ve got creative ideas up your sleeve, The New York Times is asking for photo submissions.

To spark your creativity, check out these 23 Ways to Beat the Heat from Real Simple. (Ever thought about hanging a damp shade in your window? How about powering a fan from your USB port? Told you they were creative!)

If you’re over 65, you might not feel like the heat affects you differently — but it does. Studies show that 40% of heat-related deaths are among people 65 and older.

And even though you might really, really want that Coldstone Creamery Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake to help cool you down, be forewarned that it “manages to pack in 3.5 days’ worth of saturated fat into just 24 ounces,” according to Time’s Healthland blog. (Check out their slideshow the eight worst menu choices from popular chains such as Denny’s, The Cheesecake Factory and IHOP. It’s enough to scare you away from that shake for sure.)

For a much healthier way to stay cool, try one of these 9 cool soups under 200 calories from Sunset Magazine

Women have received a lot of conflicting advice about mammograms and breast health over the years. This article, with eight popular mammography Q&As helped me keep a cool head about the topic.
Finally, a woman in California has take it upon herself to spruce up chemo rooms with her Rooms That Rock for Chemo project. Check out the web site for some cool before and afters.

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