Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for Him

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Looking for health-minded gifts for the guys on your list? From stocking stuffers to splurges, these picks are sure to satisfy the runner, the biker, the adventurer, the workaholic, the cook, and any guy you want to feel special this holiday season.


What It Is: A small LED flashlight with a harness that fits securely around a dog’s chest.
What It Does: Lights the way during early morning and evening jogs and brisk walks–no hands necessary.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $16

Watch Band for iPod Nano

What It Is: A wristband that attaches to an iPod Nano.
What It Does: Transforms a Nano into a watch he can wear while working out, running, and walking.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $22

MP3 Cap

What It Is: A baseball cap with a built in MP3 player and speakers.
What It Does: Delivers his favorite tunes while exercising sans slippery ear buds.
Where to Find It: Hammacher Schlemmer
Cost: $30

I Run, Therefore I Am STILL Nuts!

What It Is: A collection of 43 entertaining stories about running by humorist Bob Schwarz.
What It Does: Lampoons the peculiarities, quirks, and obsessions of runners of all ages and abilities.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $11

Yaktrax Run

What They Are: Traction devices with reflective bits that snap onto running shoes.
What They Do: Let him run or walk nimbly and safely in icy or snowy conditions without having to invest in cumbersome snowshoes.
Where to Find Them:
Cost: $40

Brooks HVAC Synergy Shorts

What They Are: Quick-drying shorts with mesh panels and a soft liner comprised of silver fibers.
What They Do: Increase airflow, regulate temperature, and fight odor during long runs and steamy treadmill sessions.
Where to Find Them:
Cost: $44

MSR Alpine Deluxe Kitchen Set

What It Is: A complete set of portable cooking utensils, including a cutting board, fast-drying towel, salt and pepper shakers, dish scraper, kitchen knife, and corkscrew in a sleek, durable zippered carrying case that slides easily into any backpack.
What It Does: Organizes all of the essentials he needs to cook in the great outdoors (even if it’s just for the backyard barbecue).
Where to Find It:
Cost: $55

Cloud 9 Living Experience Gift

What It Is: A certificate for a lesson in flying, golfing, biking, caving, or practically any other active adventures you (or he) can think of.
What It Does: Encourages him to do something he’s been itching to try or get a pro take on a favorite pastime.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $55 and up

Massage Envy Membership

What It Is: Deeply discounted massages at any location of this national spa chain. For a monthly fee, members receive a $10 massage, additional massages at reduced rates, the ability to earn free massages and upgrades, unused massage roll-overs, plus family and retail discounts.
What It Does: Makes getting a monthly massage a no-brainer.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $59 per month

Pipcorn Holiday Crate

What It Is: Hull-less popcorn popped in small batches using extra-virgin olive oil.
What It Does: Provides a healthier holiday snacking option to the season’s fudge, fruitcake, and candied nuts.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $75 for a set of four flavors: Lemon Truffle, Lemon Pesto, Lemon Kettle, and Rosemary

America the Beautiful: The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass Series

What It Is: A permit that provides free access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites.
What It Does: Gives him free parking and admission to hike, stroll, raft, and ski in national parks, wildlife preserves, forests, and grasslands.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $80 annually (children 15 and younger admitted free)

Native Eyewear Vigor

What They Are: Non-fogging, lightweight yet substantial sunglasses with polarized lenses.
What They Do: Provide glare-proof vision for outdoor workouts, and will stay put during even the most vigorous runs, in almost any weather condition.
Where to Find Them:
Cost: $139

MOTOACTV Smart Watch

What It Is: A GPS tracker, heart rate monitor, and MP3 player in one wrist-worn device.
What It Does: Tracks his runs and other activities such as golf and cycling; creates smart playlists; monitors exertion; sets alerts and updates; lets him check his texts or take incoming call with the MOTOACTV Android app and get weather updates with the MOTOACTV Weather app.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $150

Men’s Silver Bullet Jacket

What It Is: A lightweight, reflective, windproof, and water-resistant jacket made with a high-tech aluminum membrane that reflects his own body heat. This jacket also features cozy cuffs with thumbholes, flip mitts, venting at the back arm holes, and a moisture-proof pocket for his phone or MP3 player.
What It Does: Allows him to run, bike, or hike in the cold without having to load up on uncomfortable additional layers.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $150

Sonicare DiamondClean

What It Is: The Ferrari of toothbrushes.
What It Does: With its five power levels, three-week charge and 31,000 strokes a minute, it just may make the tedious act of brushing something to look forward to.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $176

The FitDesk Space-Saving Semi-Recumbent X Bike

What It Is: A foldable, semi-recumbent stationary bike with a built-in desk for his laptop.
What It Does: Encourages him stick to his exercise regimen while meeting his work deadlines.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $280

iBike Powerhouse System

What It Is: A tool he can use with his iPhone to track all of his vitals during his rides, while getting tailored training plans and workouts to meet specific goals.
What It Does: In addition to providing the usual metrics of distance, time and speed, this gadget supplies cycling workouts individually calibrated based on the results of his actual rides, including real-time updates on how hard he should pedal to meet his goals. Worth knowing: The training plans are written by respected endurance coach Hunter Allen.
Where to Find It:
Cost: $280

Editor’s Note: Looking for a healthy gift he’ll enjoy all year long? Consider renewing his membership at! And don’t miss our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for Her.

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