Link Love: Nonalcoholic Beer Aids Marathon Recovery

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It’s been a wacky news week across the country. We couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite wild finds:

Fall marathon season is just beginning. Should you be throwing back beers to aid your recovery? The New York Times reports.

Back in the bikini? Carrie Fisher loses 50 pounds, resetting her BMI from obese to normal. She tells the Today show she’s thinking about getting back in the bikini she wore as Princess Leia. Do you think she’ll keep it off?

Turns out your vision has an effect on how you hear. Which explains why my nephew thinks the lyrics to Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way, are “You can grow your own wig…”

On a more serious note:

Hurray for nuts and seeds!  Contrary to long-held popular belief, a low fat diet may not lower cholesterol levels as well as adding whole foods with healthy fats. We want to know — do you fear fats? Or have you added more of the healthy variety to your diet?

Just say no? Many of us have been conditioned to believe that the safest thing we can do for our health is to submit to as many medical tests as possible. But, the efficacy of various tests and interventions lies on a wide spectrum. A Newsweek Op/Ed columnist claims that the word “No!” might save your life when it comes to medical tests.

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