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If the wall display in a store has ever caught your eye, chances are B&N Industries had something to do with it.

B&N Industries—a Burlingame, CA-based designer and manufacturer of products and systems for the retail, architectural, and consumer industries—is committed to “re-thinking common and mundane merchandising systems.”

So when HR Manager Kristine Kirby first encountered One Medical Group, she was quick to observe that One Medical Group was changing the status quo too.

“I wasn’t feeling well and needed to get in to see someone that day. I found that One Medical had an office around the corner from B&N, and I was able to make a same-day appointment,” said Kirby. “I made the appointment close to lunchtime, because I figured I’d be sitting in the waiting room for an hour, and then only have about 10 minutes with the doctor. I was amazed when I was greeted by my provider within five minutes of arriving, and then she spent 30 minutes with me.”

Kirby appreciated that the office was “clean and very modern… and I felt like I was the only one there instead of sitting around a bunch of sick people.”

Kirby was also impressed with how fast she was able to get treatment.”My provider diagnosed me and sent the prescription to Walgreens around the corner, and I got an email letting me know it was ready shortly afterwards,” said Kirby.

Following this great initial experience, Kirby noticed that she was “talking about One Medical all the time. Anytime someone said ‘I need a doctor’ I told them to go to One Medical.”

So when she found out that One Medical offered a program for employers, she was eager to extend this benefit to the B&N team.

“A lot of employees have to take time off when they need to visit the doctor, because there’s just no telling how long the entire process will take,” said Kirby. “My intention was to give our employees an option that’s right around the corner, with appointments that start on time. We want to make sure they’re able to take care of themselves without having to use their vacation time to do it.”

B&N signed on as an enterprise customer in April 2014, and according to Kirby, the response to One Medical has already been very positive, with team members highlighting the convenience of the service as a top benefit.

“People have told me that they love how close and quick it is… and I often hear ‘I can’t believe I got an appointment on the same day,'” added Kirby.

Interested in One Medical for your company? Click here to learn more about our enterprise services.

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