Christine Celio, PhD

Expertise Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia Chronic Pain Management Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Management LGBT Care Lifestyle Modification Preventive Health and Education Stress Management Availability Limited Appointment Availability As a licensed clinical psychologist, Christine approaches patient care with empathy and a listening ear. She makes mental health care accessible to One Medical's patients, bringing a strong understanding of both the mental and physical aspects of health issues, including IBS, chronic pain, weight management, disordered eating, insomnia, anxiety, stress, and depression. She has a broad base of experience in clinical psychology and research, having taught in various academic settings and published articles in several academic journals. After earning her master's in sociology from Stanford, Christine coordinated clinical research studies at the Stanford School of Medicine. She went on to complete an additional master's in clinical psychology and received her PhD in clinical psychology from Loyola University Chicago. She completed residency and fellowship at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center and the San Francisco VA Medical Center/UCSF Center for Excellence in Primary Care. Christine is a board-certified psychologist. Christine sees patients in our Financial District - Sutter and Noe Valley - 24th St. offices in San Francisco. Learn more about One Medical Group and our convenient locations in San Francisco, New York, DC, Boston, and Chicago.

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