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5 Reasons to Feel Comfortable About Your Colposcopy

Nov 6, 2015
By Bernadette Donovan

Receiving an abnormal Pap test result can be stressful. Being told you also need a follow-up test called a colposcopy can really stir up even more anxiety. Even though the word colposcopy may sound scary — but there’s no reason the actual procedure has to be. Our team is happy to walk you through any questions you may have after reading through the following information!

We’ve taken special care to ensure our providers who perform colposcopies are specially trained to put our patients completely at ease — believe it or not, it’s possible!

Making sure people feel comfortable with this procedure is particularly important to me. During college I had a really unpleasant colposcopy and was frightened out of my mind —  I thought I was being diagnosed with cervical cancer and no one reassured me otherwise.

The whole experience was terrifying, so when I started working in women’s health, I decided I absolutely needed to be trained as a colposcopist. I was so passionate about pursuing this role that I actually enrolled in the training course during my maternity leave and spent every class breastfeeding my baby daughter in my arms! Once I became an adult nurse practitioner, I saw how much anxiety colposcopies caused. It really motivated me to create space in the appointment so individuals could be educated and feel more relaxed.  

What is a colposcopy?

Following an abnormal Pap test result (which is very common–about 10 percent of Paps show abnormal cells), a provider may perform a colposcopy to examine your cervix more closely. During the procedure, vinegar is applied to the cervix. Using a special microscope, your provider looks for any areas that turn white from the vinegar; these would be considered “areas that have shown cellular change,” which may be biopsied and examined for abnormal cells.

Many individuals who receive a colposcopy do not require any further procedures; their immune systems effectively clear the abnormal cells without intervention, and they’re able to monitor the issue with follow-up Pap tests. If you need a colposcopy, rest assured that it doesn’t  necessarily point to a serious condition. Only a small percentage of individuals who require colposcopies ever develop cervical cancer, and most of the 12,000 cases of the disease documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in 2012 occurred in individuals who did not have access to regular screening tests.

5 Reasons to Feel Comfortable About Your Colposcopy

I truly want people to let go of the dread and fear they have around colposcopies and embrace the many benefits it provides. In fact, a patient once told me her colposcopy was like “a cervical spa treatment!”  Here are my top five reasons you to feel comfortable about your colposcopy:

1)    Getting a colposcopy can be crucial to your overall health: If your provider recommends a colposcopy, it’s because he or she wants to rule out cervical cancer. Luckily, cervical cancer is rare in the US, and colposcopies are part of the reason these numbers are relatively low: they’re considered an incredibly effective diagnostic tool.

2) It’s convenient: Several of One Medical’s primary care providers in some of our districts offer colposcopy procedures. If colposcopies are not offered in your market, you can still receive a pap at One Medical, as well as a referral for a trusted colposcopist in a convenient location.

3) The pace is relaxed: While there’s ample time set aside for the counseling, a pregnancy test and questions during a colposcopy appointment, the actual procedure only takes 10-15 minutes. Feel free to book an appointment to discuss any questions you may have prior to your procedure, as well as call and ask to speak to our Registered Nurse team at One Medical. We prioritize your understanding, questions, and concerns and want to make you feel comfortable about your upcoming procedure.

4) It gives you the opportunity to learn about your body: Getting a colposcopy gives you detailed information on an important part of your overall vaginal health. The cervix isn’t something people talk about in our society, and the colposcopy can give you a chance to get to know this part of your body on an intricate level, helping you better understand your overall health. Ultimately, we want you to leave your colposcopy procedure at One Medical not only healthier with a lower risk of cervical cancer, but also with a better understanding of how your body works and a greater sense of agency over your life.

One Medical members in San Francisco, DC, and New York can schedule a colposcopy with their providers; if you don’t live in these cities, your One Medical provider can refer you to a trusted specialist. Not a member? Head to onemedical.com to sign up now.

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Bernadette Donovan

From the start of her career, Bernadette Donovan knew that One Medical Group was the place for her. The organization’s ongoing mission to fix the broken healthcare system while fostering provider collaboration and respect for patients spoke to Bernadette’s professional passions. From individualizing contraceptive choices to helping women enjoy their pregnancies, Bernadette is adept at understanding the intricacies of a women’s body through a deep knowledge of gynecologic, prenatal, and primary health care. The all-encompassing nature of primary care allows Bernadette to understand the body and mind on a profound level. Though her approach to care is very evidence-based, Bernadette believes in individualized care and an integrative, nonjudgmental style which helps her build strong partnerships with her patients. She completed her nursing and advanced practice training at Yale University, where she also served as a clinical instructor for several years. Before this, she spent time in Africa working with traditional healers and worked as a massage therapist in the Bay Area. Bernadette is certified by both the AANP and NCC.

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