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We believe health care should be accessible and affordable for all. To help provide services not covered by insurance, as well as ongoing investments in technology, we ask that our members support our unique model by paying a $149 annual fee. What is membership worth to you? Learn more.

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We Accept Your Health Insurance

Taking the hassle out of health care is part of what makes One Medical Group unique. That's why we accept almost all insurance plans, from PPO to HMO, so chances are we have you covered. Read more.

We Accept Your Health Insurance

For Those Without Insurance

We know how expensive health care can be, which is why we keep our services affordable and accessible—even for those without insurance coverage. At One Medical Group, we're happy to provide an option for those who pay out-of-pocket. Learn more.

For Those Without Insurance

“Totally worth the annual fee for easy appointments, friendly staff, lots of time with doctors and email access.” — Emily K., San Francisco

“For a year I found no good doctors accepting new patients. A great doctor alone is worth the One Medical annual fee.” — Noah L., Sausalito

“I happily pay the annual fee because I get great access to and more time with my doctor. Totally worth every penny!” — Karen C., Parkside

“The annual fee is worth it for the same day service and three offices. They've always managed to squeeze me in. And they don't seem overbooked like some of my other doctors. I'm in and out quickly.” — John Y., Richmond District