The Best Summer Alternatives to Boston Bar Hopping

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Despite the fact that happy hours have been banned in the state of Massachusetts since 1984, alcohol is still a pretty consistent staple in Boston’s social scene.

“Whether you’ve moved to Boston as a student, new professional or an empty-nester, it can be hard to find your new community,” says One Medical’s Lee Orsky, PA-C. “A lot of Bostonians seem to bond by grabbing a drink after work.”

But connecting over cocktails doesn’t have to be the only pastime you count on as a city dweller. “Going out for a drink after work may be a quick way to unwind, but by getting outside and doing a fun activity, the quality of your down time can improve your health,” Orsky says. There are a number of reasons that outdoor adventures lead to health-enhancing benefits. “When you’re outside, you have a clearer, more focused mindset to hang out with friends, or spend some quiet time alone, or even play with a pet. Being in a natural setting also allows you to absorb a little Vitamin D and can improve the quality of your sleep.”

As summer winds down, be sure to get outside and appreciate what The Hub has to offer. Even if you’re a native, you may be surprised to find how much fun you can have out of the bars and in the thick of Boston’s wicked awesome activities.

These are some of our favorite alternatives to bar hopping. Have some suggestions? Let us know your picks, and feel free to share our graphic on your web site or blog.

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