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5 Apps for Tracking Your Period

Aug 26, 2015
By Michelle Konstantinovsky

You’re tired, you’re moody, and chocolate suddenly seems like a staple for survival. Your period might be just around the corner. Even if your monthly cycle runs like clockwork, it’s easy to forget when and how hormonal shifts will impact your life and when your period is due to arrive.

You no longer have to rely on your memory and appointment planner to keep you in the know about your body’s schedule. Whether you want to chart your fertility, monitor your moods, or know the second your period is MIA, you can find a period-tracking app to map your month. Many of the top apps share important features that allow users to not only note the days they’re menstruating, but their moods, symptoms, ovulation days, and weight. Some come with unique features that set them apart from the pack and cater to special needs. If you’re looking for a way to take the guesswork out of your monthly planning, try one of the apps below and become an expert on your body:

1. Fertility Friend Mobile


What makes it unique: Fertility Friend Mobile uses color-coded graphs to project days of fertility based on details the user submits, including body temperature and cervical condition. The app also has information about conception and pregnancy.
Available on: Android and iOS
Price: Free

2. Period Tracker


What makes it unique: Period Tracker allows users to export their period dates and notes to their email account for backup or doctor’s appointments. Users can also view the number of days until their next period or the number of days they may be late.
Available on: Android and iOS
Price: Free

3. iPeriod


What makes it unique: iPeriod is highly customizable and uses graphs of data to predict periods, ovulation, and fertility.
Available on: Android and iOS
Price: Free

4. Period Diary


What makes it unique: Not only can Period Diary users track their own symptoms, but they can get support from women all around the world via the app’s social community.
Available on: Android and iOS
Price: Free

5. Clue


What makes it unique: Clue uses an algorithm to calculate and predict cycles, and the more the app is used, the more accurate the predictions become.
Available on: Android and iOS
Price: Free

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Michelle Konstantinovsky

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