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Primary care is at the core of One Medical Group’s practice and philosophy, and we consider it a key step in getting - and staying - healthy. Our model is based on an innovative approach to care that’s truly patient-centered, combining excellent service with a modern approach.


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San Francisco Bay Area Primary Care

One Medical Group’s Bay Area primary care doctor’s offices are conveniently located throughout San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and East Bay, providing an array of services at all of our locations. We offer same-day appointments, on-site lab work, and longer-than-average appointment times to make your life easier. So whether you’re in Greenbrae, Sunnyvale, Berkeley, or downtown San Francisco, we’ve got you covered. One Medical has rethought primary care by bringing together innovative medical technology, patient-focused care, and a holistic, evidence-based approach to health.

What Should I Expect From My Primary Care Team at One Medical?

We believe primary care should be the first stop in your healthcare journey; it’s where you turn for guidance and support before you get sick, before you see a specialist, and before you need to seek hospital care. Our general practitioners combine excellent customer service with an efficient use of technology to deliver high-quality, affordable service that’s designed to fit your unique needs.

As your One Medical primary care providers (PCPs), we take your well-being seriously. With an emphasis on family practice and internal medicine, we address all your essential health needs by:

  • Making prevention and wellness a priority
  • Collaborating with you to customize the best plan that suits your individual needs and goals
  • Providing a comprehensive, accurate, and secure repository for all your medical information
  • Seamlessly coordinating your care, including tests, treatments, specialist visits, and hospitalizations
  • Providing easy-to-understand, accessible advice, guidance, and insight
  • Offering cost-effective options that empower you to prioritize your health

At One Medical, we leverage the latest medical research and cutting-edge technology to offer the most comprehensive primary care available. We draw upon our team’s extensive collective experience and your personal feedback to create a truly one-of-a-kind primary care experience. From preventive medicine to integrative care, we have the tools to keep you feeling your best -- whether you’re already in good health, suffering from a minor cold, or facing a life-changing illness. Our primary care providers are your partners in cultivating and maintaining long-term health.

How is One Medical Different From Other Practices?

Our philosophy is rooted in quality care, patient-centered design, and a smart application of technology. In order to deliver the best preventive medicine, acute care, and chronic condition management, we provide our board-certified medical professionals the time and tools to make the best decisions for your health.

Each of our general practitioners places a strong emphasis on fostering patient-provider relationships based on trust and mutual understanding, taking the time to get to know you and your unique health story. Our providers want to understand how your history and lifestyle impact your overall well-being, and they’ll collaborate with you to customize a plan that fits your life and helps you achieve your goals. We aim to be your long-term health care advocates, partnering with you to manage your health issues and navigate complex medical decisions. By using diagnostic tests appropriately and avoiding overdiagnosis or unnecessary prescriptions, we empower you to make positive changes in your health and your life with newfound knowledge, awareness, support, and guidance. We stay by your side every step of the way, making sure you understand how to continue your progress once you leave the office.

And since our providers see 35% fewer patients than typical primary care providers each day, they will have more time to spend with you, ensuring that all your concerns are addressed.

Above all else, we treat you as a whole person, not just a collection of symptoms. We take all aspects of your health and lifestyle into consideration, and care for you in a holistic manner that helps you restore and maintain optimal health. In addition to the primary care services offered at all of our offices, we offer additional integrative health services at select locations in San Francisco and New York City, including acupuncture, naturopathy, mental health, and nutrition counseling. We’ll continue to add more services as we grow in order to offer the most comprehensive, effective care possible.

Do I Need to Select a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?

Although we don’t require our members to pick a PCP, we strongly recommend finding a practitioner you feel comfortable with and who can collaborate with you on important decisions in order to coordinate and optimize your long-term care.

Besides being your partner in good health, your One Medical PCP is your first point of contact for all health care needs, acting as your advocate, ally, and advisor. We’ll help you make the most informed decisions possible, and we’ll ensure a well-coordinated and thoroughly researched referral should you ever require a specialty consultation or hospitalization.

Finally, if the PCP you select doesn’t feel like the right fit, you can always switch to another practitioner -- no questions asked.

What is the Difference between Family Medicine and Internal Medicine?

The majority of One Medical’s general practitioners, including our doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, have a focus in either family medicine or internal medicine.

Family medicine providers, otherwise known as family practitioners, are considered to have the widest set of primary care skills, treating patients at every stage of life. They are trained to treat patients from birth through adulthood, and into the elderly years. At One Medical, our family practitioners see patients in adolescence and above; generally age 14 and older.

Internal medicine doctors, otherwise known as internists, focus primarily on adult and elderly patients, and are most comfortable seeing patients age 18 and older. Their training emphasizes the management of chronic, complex, or severe illnesses, particularly for patients who require hospitalization. Although they are proficient in primary care, their specialty training typically does not include obstetrics, gynecology, or pediatrics.

How Do I Make An Appointment?

One Medical is a membership-based practice that combines the highest level of care with exceptional services. Members support our practice by paying a low annual membership fee of just $149, which provides a full year of access to all of our urgent and primary care services. If you're ever not happy, we'll gladly refund your membership fee.

It takes less than five minutes to join online, and once you sign up, you can book your first appointment online, on the phone, or on our app.

What we handle:
  • Physical exams
  • Preventive health
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Digestive disorders
  • Diabetes & hypertension
  • Allergy & asthma treatment
  • Anxiety, depression & insomnia treatment
  • Immune system health
  • Stress management

Philip Ponce, MD,
Spear Street, SoMa

"The people [at One Medical] are smart, innovative, and working to remedy one of the biggest failings of the US health care system - the lack of user-friendly, efficient primary care."

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Meet Some of Our San Francisco Primary Care Team

  • Maria Mead, MDView profile

    Maria Mead, MD

    Noe Valley - 24th St


    Family Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Adolescent Medicine
    • Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
    • Chronic Pain Management
    • Complex Medical Conditions
    • Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
    • Preventive Health and Education
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Women's Health

    Maria is a compassionate provider who is dedicated to creating partnerships with patients, encouraging open dialogue, promoting education and accessibility, and creating an approachable environment for office visits. Maria is fluent in Spanish and happy to speak it with patients. Outside of work, Maria loves to get lost in books and movies, and enjoys an active and balanced lifestyle by practicing yoga, walking, and preparing healthy meals. Prior to One Medical, she spent 10 years as a medical director and family practice doctor for a community clinic in Santa Cruz. Maria attended the University of Washington and completed her residency at Santa Monica UCLA Family Medicine residency. She is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

  • Diana Coupard, MDView profile

    Diana Coupard, MD

    Inner Sunset


    Internal Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Adolescent Medicine
    • Birth Control Counseling
    • Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
    • Pregnancy and Fertility
    • Women's Health

    On extended leave, expected to return in August 2015.

    Diana Coupard enjoys getting to know her patients over time, which is why she appreciates the relationships she’s able to form as a primary care provider. She believes One Medical Group has figured out how to put the patient and physician partnership back to the forefront of medicine, and she likes collaborating with patients to figure out which care plans work best for them. She values careful listening and her practice style is thorough, sensitive, and nurturing. Diana particularly enjoys treating issues involved in adolescent medicine and women’s health, and she believes in developing open, trusting relationships with patients that foster good communication. To stay healthy, Diana loves yoga, tennis, and hiking Mt. Tam with her dog. When she’s not in the office or keeping fit, she’s likely spending time with her three kids. Diana attended University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine and completed UCLA's General Internal Medicine residency and fellowship.

    Note: sees patients age 18 and older.

  • Stephanie Long, MDView profile

    Stephanie Long, MD

    Financial District – Clay


    Family Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Birth Control Counseling
    • Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
    • IUD Insertion
    • LGBT Care
    • Prenatal Care
    • Preventive Health and Education
    • Travel Medicine

    Stephanie is a proactive, open communicator who creates a supportive environment for her patients. She joined One Medical to focus her attention on treating patients with a holistic and evidence-based approach. She believes that a close patient-provider relationship is vital in developing a personalized strategy to achieve health goals. Stephanie is an avid traveler and reader and stays healthy by practicing yoga, running and cycling. She attended the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Family Medicine Residency of Idaho. She is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

  • Veronica Jow, MDView profile

    Veronica Jow, MD

    Hayes Valley


    Internal Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Exercise, Nutrition, Weight Management
    • Musculoskeletal Conditions
    • Sports Medicine

    Veronica is a thorough and empathetic provider who joined One Medical Group to spend more time working directly with patients. After careful consideration of her patients’ needs, she offers her own thoughts and suggestions to help them achieve their health goals - whether it's overcoming a cold or completing a marathon. As a primary care sports medicine physician, Veronica encourages patients to stay active and motivated to improve their health, and follows her own advice, running regularly, biking, and practicing yoga. She enjoys spending time with her family and is a volunteer team physician at the University of California, Berkeley. Veronica attended Case Western Reserve University for medical school, finished her Internal Medicine residency at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell, and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Connecticut. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine.

    Note: sees patients age 18 and older.

  • Thai Lee, DOView profile


    Family Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
    • HIV Management
    • Integrative Medicine
    • LGBT Care
    • Men's Health
    • Preventive Health and Education
    • Travel Medicine

    Born in Thailand and raised in Michigan, Thai found a home in San Francisco because he was drawn to the city’s cultural richness and diversity. He celebrates and welcomes that diversity in the clinical setting, offering a safe space for patients of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. He believes One Medical Group offers the right environment in which he can practice evidence-based medicine while nurturing other areas of interest so that he can grow and become a better physician. Thai enjoys collaborating with patients and allowing them to direct their own care by setting health goals. He has a keen interest in chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B. Thai graduated from the Family Medicine Residency program at the University of Minnesota, where he also served as Chief Resident, and he attended the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Bradenton, Florida. Outside of the office, you can find him on a long hike, swinging a tennis racquet, or gearing up for a new travel adventure – he’s lived in Wales and New Zealand, and visited over 20 countries. Thai also works as a volunteer physician at the Asian Pacific Islander Wellness center and works with low income and homeless patients at the Tom Waddell Health Center.

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