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At One Medical Group, we’re not just experts in healing, we’re also big believers in prevention and maintenance. To keep you feeling your best, One Medical addresses your physical and mental well-being from a holistic perspective by offering a variety of integrative services, including naturopathy and acupuncture.


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New York City Integrative Care

One Medical Group’s integrative health services give patients the opportunity to bring both evidence-based and alternative forms of medicine together to work for our patients. Many of our New York City offices have trained specialists who work in close collaboration with their patient’s primary care provider for a complete, holistic approach to wellness. We are proud to broaden the scope of One Medical’s care to include acupuncture and mental health in many of our Manhattan offices. For patients looking to focus on changing lifestyle habits such as exercise, sleep routines, stress, or smoking, our wellness coaches are available to create an unique program designed to fit each patient’s individual needs. To take advantage of One Medical’s integrative health services, please call any of our offices, or check the availability of our integrative providers online or through our mobile app to book an appointment.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is a holistic approach that blends alternative treatments with evidence-based medicine. It addresses the root cause of illness and imbalances using a whole-body approach to healing and prevention. Our integrative health specialists consider the body and mind to be one interconnected system, and use a variety of methods to support and strengthen the mind-body connection. Our providers also take all aspects of your life into account when evaluating and treating your issues, including your personal history, environment, and lifestyle habits.

Our unique integration of Eastern and Western approaches allows our specialists to work collaboratively and use a team-based approach to support you in meeting your personalized health goals. Whether you’re interested in naturopathy, mind-body medicine, or acupuncture, One Medical has the tools to help you stay well and achieve your health goals.

How is Integrative Medicine Different from Traditional Primary Care?

Traditional primary care medicine typically aims to cure or mitigate disease or injury in order to promote and maintain optimal health. Traditional primary care providers may recommend medications or other treatments to address acute and chronic conditions. Integrative medicine practitioners, on the other hand, may also utilize a variety of treatment tools, including lifestyle modification, dietary changes, therapeutic nutrition, nutrient supplementation, botanical medicine, homeopathy, bodywork, and meditation as a means to further enhance a patient’s health.

What Types of Conditions are Often Treated Through Integrative Care?

  • Digestive disorders, including IBS
  • Hormonal issues (PCOS, perimenopause, menstrual cycle irregularities, PMS)
  • Allergies, asthma, hay fever, and other respiratory conditions
  • Immune disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Fatigue and insomnia
  • Stress
  • Cardiovascular health, including high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Weight management
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis

Which Providers Should I See for Integrative Care?

While all of our primary care providers at One Medical take a patient-centered approach to primary care, we have specific providers who specialize in integrative healthcare. Our integrative care team consists of primary care providers with additional training in integrative medicine, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and psychotherapists.

How Might Acupuncture Fit Into a Treatment Program?

Once exclusively considered an Eastern practice, acupuncture is now commonly incorporated into integrative health care, and considered a valuable complementary and alternative modality in the West. More than one million people in the US use acupuncture to address a variety of health issues, including pain, fatigue, digestive complaints, anxiety, and stress. Acupuncture is guided by the philosophy that patterns of energy flow in the body result in varying states of health and illness. At One Medical, our acupuncturists employ a distinct approach to diagnosis, and treatments are designed to optimize the energetic flow and restore balance in the body. In some cases, our providers may also recommend Chinese herbal formulas to further support your treatment goals.

How much does this cost?

Membership to One Medical Group is $199 per year. This fee allows us to provide services above and beyond what insurance provides.

For information about integrative services visit fees, please refer to our fee schedule.

What we handle:
  • Acupuncture/
    Chinese Medicine
  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Stress Management
  • Metabolic Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cessation

Seanna Sifflet, LAc,
5 Columbus Circle

"I have a deep curiosity of how our physical and emotional health connect to our ability to access joy and peace of mind. I have found Chinese Medicine to be a great modality to bring a balance within these parts of us in both a subtle and profound way. Every day, I am humbled and in awe of how Chinese Medicine can help with an array of health issues such as anxiety, pain, insomnia, IBS, fatigue and much more. It [Chinese Medicine] offers patients another lens and approach to addressing their health care, and can be a supportive modality to other conventional therapies. One of the biggest gifts Chinese Medicine has to offer is helping to connect us and inner peace so that our creativity and talents can flourish."

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Meet Our New York City Integrative Health Team

  • Jonathan Silberlicht, MDView profile

    Jonathan Silberlicht, MD



    Family Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Birth Control Counseling
    • Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorders
    • Integrative Medicine
    • Men's Health
    • Preventive Health and Education
    • Stress Management
    • Women's Health

    Works With

    Jenna Katzman, NP

    Jonathan brings strong clinical knowledge and an empathetic demeanor to his practice at One Medical, where he emphasizes illness prevention and lifestyle modification. He takes an integrative approach to care and enjoys facilitating the healing process for patients with health issues such as diabetes, migraines and musculoskeletal conditions. Upon graduating from Columbia University, he earned his MD from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and completed his residency in Urban Family Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center. He went on to complete a fellowship in Integrative Medicine and is a certified medical acupuncturist. Jonathan is board-certified in Family Medicine.

  • Manisha Patel, MDView profile

    Manisha Patel, MD

    Wall Street


    Family Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Allergies and Asthma
    • Integrative Medicine
    • Lifestyle Modification
    • Preventive Health and Education
    • Stress Management

    Manisha is committed to providing high-quality care to patients by taking the time to listen to their concerns, address their needs and offer insightful recommendations. She approaches preventive care from multiple angles, combining skill and knowledge with a supportive and understanding approach. With an undergraduate degree from Penn State, Manisha earned her MD from Jefferson Medical College and went on to complete her residency in family medicine at Abington Memorial Hospital. Before joining One Medical Group, Manisha practiced family medicine for nearly nine years. She is certified with the American Board of Family Medicine.

  • M. Victoria Albina, FNP-CView profile

    M. Victoria Albina, FNP-C

    W 14th St


    Family Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Adolescent Medicine
    • Allergies and Asthma
    • Digestive Disorders
    • Integrative Medicine
    • LGBT Care
    • Pregnancy and Fertility
    • Women's Health

    Victoria Albina has a passion for helping people feel their best, and she uses a collaborative approach with patients at One Medical Group. She strongly believes in listening to, connecting with, and educating her patients so that they feel empowered in their care and find solutions that fit their lives, budgets, and lifestyles. Victoria also strongly believes that health comes in all shapes and sizes, and she honors all bodies, equally. Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Victoria was raised in Rhode Island and considers herself a kitchen connoisseur. “I’ve been known to spend entire weekends geeking out over new recipes,” she says. Victoria uses her nutritional expertise to help patients as well. “I believe that food is the best medicine, and enjoy working to find the nutritional roots of ailments, from eczema to depression to anxiety,” she adds. She completed her undergraduate studies at Oberlin College, hold a Masters in Public Health from Boston University, and studied to be a Nurse Practitioner at the University of California, San Francisco. Victoria is also happy to join the New York LGBTQ community as a queer provider, and hopes to be a helpful, loving new face for locals seeking care. Not to mention, se habla español.

  • Seanna Sifflet, LAcView profile

    Seanna Sifflet, LAc

    5 Columbus Circle


    Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine

    Years practicing



    • Allergies and Asthma
    • Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
    • Chronic Fatigue
    • Chronic Pain Management
    • Complex Medical Conditions
    • Pregnancy and Fertility
    • Women's Health

    Seanna explores the connections between the health of the mind, body and spirit, using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to activate her patients' natural healing processes and increase their quality of life. She puts patients at ease with her lighthearted manner, and helps restore a sense of normalcy for patients who feel out-of-balance. After earning her master's in social work, Seanna spent several years as a medical social worker at St. Luke's Hospital in New York before going on to receive her master's in traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She gained extensive experience by practicing at her own private acupuncture clinic before joining One Medical. She is certified through the NCCAOM.

  • Jordan Keys, DOView profile

    Jordan Keys, DO

    5 Columbus Circle


    Nutrition and Lifestyle

    Years practicing



    • Osteopathic Medicine

    Jordan A. Keys is committed to individualized, progressive, patient-centered care, and she feels One Medical Group offers the perfect environment to foster her practice style. With specialties in neuromusculoskeletal medicine and osteopathic manipulative treatment, Jordan dedicates her time with patients to listening intently and guiding treatment. She believes the secret to helping patients is to address the root causes of the issues disrupting their homeostasis. She particularly enjoys treating musculoskeletal, nutritional, and metabolic conditions, as well as chronic pain, anxiety/depression, sports injuries, and more. To stay healthy, she enjoys eating nutritious and delicious food, running, spinning, cooking, and dancing with her husband. She also loves to travel and paint, and volunteers with Slow Food USA. Jordan is board certified in family medicine and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine/Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and is an adjunct faculty member at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine in New York City. Jordan attended Westmont College in Santa Barbara for her undergraduate studies and received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and a Masters of Science in Neuromusculusketal Medicine from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in Old Westbury, NY.

  • Kristen Scarlett, MAView profile

    Kristen Scarlett, MA

    Midtown – E 53rd St

    Years practicing



    • Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
    • Stress Management

    As a mental health counselor, Kristen enjoys getting to know her patients deeply, encouraging their growth and helping them develop the insight needed to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. She primarily utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy in her practice, listening to her patients and then providing feedback focused on constructing solutions for everything from relationship issues to anxiety disorders. After earning her master's in counseling psychology from College of St. Elizabeth, Kristen developed her skills providing individual and family therapy in both the private practice and hospital settings. She spent several years as an oncology counselor and also managed her own private practice for six years before joining One Medical. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and is certified through the NBCC.

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