10 Ways to Have a Healthier Holiday

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The holidays are here! And while celebrating with family and friends is fun, between the gifts, hot cocoa, and busy schedules, it can be a tough time to make healthy eating and exercise a priority. Fortunately, small tweaks here and there can be a great way to enjoy your favorite traditions without going overboard.

We asked you to share your favorite ways to stay healthy during the holidays. Here are a few of our favorites.

Eating Well

“Don’t be shellfish! Share your shrimp cocktail with a friend and skip the fried snacks and dips. You’ll save loads of calories and fill up on healthy protein.” – Marc D.

“I bring medjool dates with me to help navigate holiday parties so I resist all the sugary food and still have something delicious.” – Stephanie H.

Eat breakfast and a light lunch (if dinner is served late) before the big meal to avoid over eating.” – Jenifer L.



“I like to take long walks around different neighborhoods to check out all the holiday decorations.” – Jessica H.

Getting outside in the daylight when the days are super short is the best, even when it’s freezing!” – Paul K.

“We’ve always gone for family walk after Thanksgiving dinner. This year we’re doing 5K race as a family!” – J. Wood

“I play music and dance around like a nut. It keeps me feeling good and happy.” – Trudy M.


General Health

“I remind myself of everything I have to be grateful for, and lose myself in the spirit of the holidays.” – Rick T.

“Take vitamins, get enough sleep and bundle up.” – Kelly W.

Meditate. Reverse the negativity.” – G. H.


Happy holidays from all of us at One Medical!


What’s your favorite way to stay healthy during the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

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